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Trends Impacting Health & Healthcare Delivery

MEDISCENE Spring 2024

February 28, 20241 min read

The Riner Group Newsletter
MEDISCENE: Trends Impacting Health & Healthcare Delivery
Spring 2024

by Ronald N. Riner, MD, FACC

Inside this Issue:

  • Healthcare Costs Challenge Americans

  • As We Look into the Future: Anticipated Trends for 2024 Healthcare Delivery

  • New Cancer Cases Increase by More Than 2M in 2023

  • Gender Dysphoria Diagnoses Rise Nationwide

  • COVID – Not Over Yet

  • A.I. Will Speak With You Now. . .

  • It May Be Lonely Out There

  • The Importance of Sleep – zzZZZ Answer?

  • Physicians at the Table - Unionization

  • Focus on Quality and Safety - With a View of the Future

  • Private Practice is Still in the Ring

  • Nurse Tenure

  • Trends and Facts About Medical Residents in Training – By the #s!

Healthcare Costs Challenge Americans

MEDISCENE Spring 2024

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