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MEDISCENE Summer 2024

June 05, 20241 min read

MEDISCENE: Trends Impacting Health & Healthcare Delivery
Summer 2024

by Ronald N. Riner, MD, FACC

Inside this Issue:

  • Nurse Shortages: Among Healthcare Systems’ Top Concerns

  • COVID – Still in the Rear View Mirror?

  • Increasing Exposure of Young Children to Illicit Fentanyl

  • Private Equity Continues to Advance in Healthcare

  • Happiness Scores

  • Is Bigger Better? Perhaps That is in the Eyes of The Beholder!

  • What Business Are You In?

  • Effects of Medicaid Expansion

  • Medicare Advantage 2024 Enrollment: Who Won & Who Lost?

  • The Increasing Number of American Centenarians: We Must Be Doing Something Right!

  • New Clinician Experience – A Concern in 2024

  • Rare Diseases Abound

  • Cancer Rates Increase in Younger Adults – The Trends

  • The State of Ambulatory Surgical Centers

MEDISCENE Summer 2024

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