Who We Are

The Riner Group Difference And Approach

For nearly 30 years, the Riner Group has served health systems, hospitals, medical groups, business executives in the pharmaceutical and medical device arena, and a host of other legal and financial investors in the areas of strategy, business development and program development.

Our focus is concentrated in interpreting and navigating the interface between the clinical world and the business of medicine. We understand the business of medicine as well as the science. Importantly, we also focus on the organizational issues dealing with the people involved in making healthcare business ventures successful. One of our areas of special focus is on structuring successful physician-hospital relationships.

Our consultants are all credible, experienced leaders as well as seasoned healthcare executives. We have practiced in virtually every aspect of healthcare. The concept of clinical practice and business pragmatics are not theoretical concepts to any of our consultants.

Our consulting approach usually involves all the key stakeholders from the onset. Together, we utilize a process that entails the development of the best strategy for key stakeholders and the ultimate customer for any healthcare endeavor – patients.

We also work with a broad spectrum of governing bodies and are engaged in cultivating the next era of physician leaders through our coaching and mentorship programs.

We’re confident our years of experience will provide your organization with a consulting experience that allows for new capabilities and an understanding of the framework upon which to build successful relationships and successful business/ medical ventures.