To Be or Not To Be – Of Callings And Careers: Is This The Question?
One of the very noticeable trends in medicine today is the outsourcing of hospital inpatient care to vendors and physician groups who provide “hospitalist” services. A hospitalist is a physician whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. They do not have an office practice. They usually work in 8-12 hour ... Continue Reading »
Productive Disruption – Are We There Yet?
The current “in phrase” in healthcare and many other business arenas remains disruption. Leaders are admonished to engage in “disruption” and to disrupt all manner of past thoughts, plans, strategies and relationships in the name of advancement and evolution. This lexicon has evolved against the backdrop of rapid transformation in almost all industries, especially healthcare. ... Continue Reading »
Perseverance and Focus: Pursuit of the Noble Cause
“Success comes to the lowly and to the poorly talented, but the special characteristic of a great person is to triumph over the disasters and panics of human life.” -Seneca, On Providence, 4.1 Disillusionment is frequently voiced about our healthcare delivery environment from physicians and clinicians on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in my travels I ... Continue Reading »
Leadership and Followership
March 2017 “The best is he who calls men to the best. And those who heed the call are also blessed. But worthless who call not, heed not, but rest.” Hesiod, 8th Century B.C. Greek poet Having just come through another college application season and the completion of another medical school match, one cannot help ... Continue Reading »
Reflection Played Forward
12/21/16 A great secret of success is to go through life as a person who never gets used up.                                                                         ... Continue Reading »
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